So 2021 has started with the bang we all expected! And it looks like the word “lockdown” will be on the tip of our tongue for a while yet!

Although the working conditions were sometimes difficult (British weather)… we really enjoyed capturing amazing outdoor portraits in 2020. Not only did it make things safer but it was really refreshing to try something new. We had some stunning results and all our schools and parents were very happy! We plan to continue our outdoor school photography into 2021. We know a lot of schools were apprehensive about school photos so we wanted to create an easy ultra safe solution. Our outdoor set up worked a treat!

As we move into 2021 it’s heart wrenching to have to put the brakes on yet again, but it’s the right thing to do with Covid19 so rampant. And when it’s safe; we cannot wait to start back up again providing those special memories.

If you cancelled your school photography or delayed it to this year we are more than happy to help. Our safe outdoor solution is adaptable and suits almost all schools (we are also now very well trained in it!). We would love to hear and will be happy to chat things through. You can get in touch here.

But for now, it’s a mentally straining time for many. So keep talking and keep safe x