Hardy's School Photography (previously WH Photography) was set up in 2009 and operates from the East Midlands. Will Hardy began his career as a wedding photographer before quickly finding a passion for school photography. Hardy's School Photography provides leading school photo services with easy to access customer service. From school to school, child to child we provide the finest service with no compromise ever.

Every aspect of school photography is treated with great care including individual & family photos, class photos and entire school photos. You can find out more about our school photography here . Furthermore Hardy's offers a full scale design service from ID Cards to wall installations and prospectuses. You can find out more about Hardy's design services here .

That little something extra,

"Hi, we're the Hardy's!

I'm Will your photographer. I do everything I can to ensure you, the parents and the children are 100% happy with my service. I will always go the extra mile to ensure I get the best possible photo from every child. I strive to offer the best value and quality photography, whilst making things easy and simple for you!

My wife Nicola can be found working hard in the office, ensuring your photos are produced and packed with the up most care and attention, while making sure you're always happy with the service you receive!"